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Gynecological Gloves

      Gynecological Gloves

We are leading Manufacturers, Suppliers & Exporters of fine quality Gynecological gloves which are developed from top notch technology and are utilized in various medical and surgical applications. These are developed from fine raw materials and hygienic procedures. We test them on different parameters and offer different sizes and specifications to our clients’. We charge reasonable rates to clients.



•             The extralong cuff, covers the Obstetricians gown sleeves, preventing gown sleeve fromgetting soaked during delivery

•             Formanual removal of placenta and form repair/ surgery of cervix and vagina, theextra length of cuff is of great advantage.

•             The roughsurface of glove provides good grip of surgical instruments during episiotomy.

Physical Dimensions :

Size        Small     Medium               Large

Length (mm)      480(min)

Palm Width (mm)            83± 5                    95 ± 5    108 ± 5

Thickness (mm)                Cuff       0.17 (min)

                Palm      0.20 (min)

                Finger   0.20 (min)


Physical Properties :

                Before Ageing   After Ageing (100 ± 2ºc for 22 ± 0.3 h)

Tensile Strength( Mpa) 24(min)               18 (min)

Elongation at Break %    750(min)             560 (min)

Stress at 500 % Elongation (Mpa)              5.5 (max)             NA

Force at Break (N)           12.0(min)            9.0 (min)

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