Sterile Latex Surgical Gloves- Powdered

Our Pre-Powdered Surgical Gloves are manufactured from Natural Rubber Latex. Our Gloves are anatomically shaped with thumb ball effect that decrease the hand fatigue during surgical procedures.
Best quality Sterile Latex Surgical Gloves- Powdered

At Dispowell Surgicals, we understand that the safety and comfort of medical professionals and patients are paramount. Our Sterile Latex Surgical Gloves - Powdered are designed to meet the highest standards of protection and performance in the medical field. Whether you're in a high-stakes surgical environment or performing routine procedures, our gloves provide the reliability and comfort you need to perform your best.

Why Dispowell Surgical Gloves?

Superior Protection, Enhanced Comfort & Reliable Performance

High-Quality Latex

Crafted from premium quality latex, our gloves provide excellent barrier protection against bloodborne pathogens and other contaminants.

Sterilized for Safety

Each Gloves pair is meticulously sterilized to ensure maximum hygiene and reduce the risk of infection. So that is is more safer than other.

Ergonomic Design

Our gloves are anatomically shaped to reduce hand fatigue and increase dexterity, allowing for precise movements and enhanced grip.

Powdered Surface

The light powder coating inside the gloves ensures easy donning and doffing, reducing hand fatigue and irritation during long procedures.


These gloves are designed to be strong and puncture-resistant, ensuring they stand up to the situation of any medical environment and Condition.

Textured Surface

The textured fingertips provide a secure grip, ensuring you maintain control even in wet conditions to ensure the smooth procedures.

India's Leading Surgical Hand Gloves Brand

Useful for Surgical Procedures, Medical Examinations & Laboratory Work

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